We just wanted to let you guys know that there’s a Facebook page that is dedicated to remembering Kevin Kirk.  Please join this group and add any memories or kind words about Kevin Kirk – without him this foundation wouldn’t have its inspiration and energy.  The Facebook page can also be access on the top navigational bar from the “Facebook” link.

Remember Kevin Michael Kirk

I also want to thank everyone for their support so far.  Thanks, guys!

The Chestnut Hill Local has published an amazing article about Kevin Kirk.  We would like to thank CHL for giving us visibility as well as recognition for Kevin Kirk.  The article is located here as well as on their website.

Where does inspiration come from?

Does it come from a novel or a song, a hero on the silver screen, from within, or from the people we love the most – the people who give us every reason to keep going even when it seems best just to give up?

For many people, Kevin Kirk is their green light at the end of the dock. His life bears the watermarks of strength and courage – its burning embers of hope visible long after he drowned in the swimming pool at his Lafayette Hill home on June 8 of this year, when he was 15 years old.


Read more at : http://chestnuthilllocal.com/blog/2012/11/12/the-enduring-legacy-of-kevin-kirk


To improve the lives of children with chronic physical, cognitive or emotional challenges.


    • To provide encouragement to these children and to their families by sharing stories of other children, such as Kevin Kirk, who overcame adversity and challenges to lead more fulfilling and happier lives.
    • To provide information to these families to optimize their ability to make the best and most informed decisions relative to the care of their children.
    • To provide direct and indirect support and services, as needed, to these children and their families in order to achieve our vision.
    • To create an “outreach program” to initiate and maintain contact with participants.
    • To create a virtual support group for participants to help one another.
    • To partner with healthcare providers and insurers, schools, governmental agencies and other not for profit organizations to help families more efficiently and effectively access services and support for their afflicted children.
    • To enlighten and sensitize others to the plight of children with chronic issues.
    • To provide an opportunity for others to serve and in doing so enrich their own lives.
    • There is always a “silver lining in every cloud.”  We would like to encourage participants to seek broader meaning in their challenges and the opportunities that they represent.
    • To create an extensible model that can be efficiently leveraged in any geographic area.